David Kris

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

David Kris is General Counsel at Intellectual Ventures in Bellevue, Washington, and has more than twenty years of experience in both the private sector and government, having worked previously as federal prosecutor, deputy general counsel and chief ethics and compliance officer at a Fortune 50 public company, and the most senior national security official at the United States Department of Justice.

As General Counsel for Intellectual Ventures, Mr. Kris is responsible for overseeing legal and government affairs matters for the company.  Mr. Kris most recently served as Assistant Attorney General for National Security, the Presidentially-appointed and Senate-confirmed head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, responsible for supervising the enforcement of all federal criminal laws related to the national counterterrorism and counterespionage programs, and for providing legal oversight of intelligence activities conducted by executive branch agencies. Prior to that, he was Deputy General Counsel and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Time Warner Inc., as well as Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University and a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution; he currently teaches national security law at the University of Washington Law School.  Mr. Kris began his career with the United States Department of Justice in 1992 through its Honors Program, serving first as an attorney in the criminal division and then as Associate Deputy Attorney General.

Mr. Kris is the author or co-author of several works on national security law, including the treatise National Security Investigations and Prosecutions (2d ed. 2012). He has testified numerous times before Congress, and been a speaker or panelist at events sponsored by various organizations including several law schools, the JFK School of Government at Harvard University, the American Bar Association, and the RAND Corporation.

Mr. Kris received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Haverford College and is a graduate of Harvard Law School. He is a former law clerk to Judge Stephen Trott of the Ninth Circuit.