Inventors are real-life heroes. We admire them for their intelligence and creativity and for their perseverance and gumption. They embody characteristics we want to see in ourselves and appreciate in others. And beyond the inventions they create to enrich our lives, they are individuals with unique personalities—some are practical, some are entrepreneurs, and others like the limelight.

Whether you’re of the Oscar Wilde camp and believe that life imitates art, or the Aristotelian view that art imitates life, we can all agree that the archetypal character of the inventor is a recurring theme in modern cinema. As a tribute to the unsung, everyday inventor heroes out there, we’re elevating them to celebrity status and premiering Movie Mondays during National Inventors Month.

Each Monday in May, we’ll share two must-watch movies in which an inventor captures the big screen. Kicking us off are two big personalities with money to spare and gadgets aplenty—Tony Stark from Iron Man and Q of James Bond fame.

If you’ve got a case of the Monday’s, we’ve found your cure. Get your popcorn buttered, stake your claim to the couch, hit play, and celebrate some larger-than-life inventors. And, action.

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