Pablos Holman, an inventor, hacker, and resident futurist at Intellectual Ventures, gets his ideas from breaking things into little pieces. In a Q-and-A with Popular Science, he explains why more people should spend time taking computers and other gadgets apart—and invent new uses for their technologies. 

IV’s Resident Futurist, Pablos Holman, Tells Popular Science Readers to Break Stuff

“You don’t find a lot of people whose business card says inventor or hacker,” he said. “They’re not legitimate career choices, and I just think that’s really sad.” Holman says he’s always thought it was important to use computers to solve big problems, and more people should be focused on finding new applications for computer technology help address the world’s greatest challenges.

Find out what else Holman has to say about hacking and its implications for cyber security. Then learn how he turned the art of breaking things into a career.

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