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Metamaterials: Bending Nature

When Nathan Myhrvold calls something “the closest thing to magic he’s ever seen,” it warrants a second look. Metamaterials are a new frontier, one the New York Times said “the waves of the future may bend around,” and we are investing a lot of time in their success. 

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Echodyne Spins Out from Intellectual Ventures

If you’ve been following IV’s spin-out story, you know that one area of focus for our company has been around developing and commercializing metamaterials, which are artificial materials that can manipulate electromagnetic radiation in a variety of useful ways.

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A New Way of Building

Intellectual Ventures invests in inventions that span a wide range of technologies – communications, computer hardware, security, and more. Today we rolled out a new case study and video highlighting our investment in a different kind of technology area: building construction.

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Wishing Kymeta a Happy Anniversary

What do you get a company that within its first two years has experienced unprecedented success and growth? The tradition of paper just doesn't seem sufficient. Don’t take our word for it. Check out some of the announcements and media coverage from the past two years.

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Q&A with IV China’s Yan Sheng

Whether it’s economic growth, the creation of new inventions, or investment in clean technologies, China has become a world leader. We asked IV’s country head of China, Yan Sheng, about his thoughts on how invention and innovation are changing China.

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The Future of Food and Health

The future of food and health depends on our ability to solve some of the most pressing problems we face today: increasing demands on crop yields to feed an ever-increasing population, food safety, and pollution, to highlight just three of the most talked-about issues. A global investment of time, brainpower, and collaboration is needed now to explore new processes, technologies, and inventions that will sustain food and health tomorrow. 

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Kymeta Wins Manufacturing Award

Despite incredible advances in the last decade, satellite communications still frequently fail to deliver dependable Internet access, particularly while people are on the move - think planes, trains, boats, and automobiles. Historically, satellite communications required physical mechanisms to constantly steer an antenna in order to maintain a link with satellites. This is not a simple operation at a speed of 5 knots or 500 mph.

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WA Senators Highlight State Innovation

While our hunt for the world’s best inventors and inventions takes us around the globe, we often find some of the best ideas right in our back yard. With world-class research universities, a national laboratory, and a thriving start-up culture we are lucky to call Washington State home. We are also fortunate to be represented by members of Congress who understand the importance of innovation.

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Sustainable Invention

The world’s population is growing by roughly 200,000 people every day, in the midst of a massive global migration underway from the countryside to cities. With this much pressure on our food, water, and energy resources, Earth Day marks another important reminder of the massive investments in invention needed to make entire economies more sustainable.  

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Inventor Spotlight: Griff Neal

Griff Neal, U.S. inventor and CEO of Encap Technologies, a company that designs and manufactures small motors, watched a growing number of customers break their contracts and move business to overseas manufacturers that incorporated Encap’s inventions without proper licenses. Not wanting to undertake costly and time-intensive legal action against former customers suspected of IP infringement, Neal approached Intellectual Ventures for help and, in 2012, sold Encap’s intellectual property to IV.

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Inventions to Start-Ups: Coffee Flour is off to the Races

Today marks the launch of a new company that demonstrates the role invention plays in transforming even the most established industries. Based on patents developed and owned by Intellectual Ventures, CF Global Holdings, Inc. will produce and sell Coffee Flour™ – a new, sustainable food ingredient derived from coffee cherries.

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Reinventing Irrigation

Surely irrigation technology is among the original “killer apps,” building entire civilizations upon its technical advances. But the increasing scarcity or changes to our water resources requires new thinking about technology that is thousands of years old. 

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A ‘Steak’ in Invention

The Australian and New Zealand office of Intellectual Ventures has been in operation for over four years. There have been many highlights: hundreds of inventions sourced, relationships with 4 of Australia's top academic institutions, 5 Platinum inventors (inventors with 10 or more selections in one calendar year), four commercial deals and a raft of other achievements which I hope to elaborate upon in future blogs this year. 

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More than Meets the Eye

Intellectual Ventures’ Metamaterials Commercialization Center (MCC) focuses on exploring and accelerating the commercialization of metamaterials technologies. For those of us who forgot to take post-graduate physics, metamaterials are synthetic materials that have properties that would be impossible in nature. Metamaterials can manipulate incoming electro-magnetic radiation, such as light or radio waves, to redirect it in a variety of potentially useful ways.

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Robotic VISION Technologies and Intellectual Ventures Enter into Strategic Partnership

Today we announced a partnership with Robotic Vision Technologies, the latest in a series of collaborations we have announced with innovative small or medium sized companies. All of our partners in these collaborations have at least one thing in common: the best technology in their respective industries. 

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IV Lab in 2013

Tucked away behind a suburban strip-mall in Bellevue, WA, more than 150 scientists in fields ranging from computational modeling and electrical engineering to microbiology and physics make up the talented team at the Intellectual Ventures (IV) Lab

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Looking Back on 2013: The Marketplace for Invention Comes of Age

As we close the books on 2013, we look back on a remarkable year in which the modern marketplace for invention – a market we helped pioneer – really began to come into its own.   

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Forward-looking Partner in China

As my colleague Yan Sheng highlighted in his recent post, Invention East-West, Chinese companies are quickly catching up with their peer companies around the world. Several Chinese companies are also taking on challenging projects and investing and making long-term commitments in and for the developing world. One such company is AUCMA, one of China's leading refrigeration companies and our partner in the commercialization of Global Good's vaccine storage invention for use in developing countries. 

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Patents are Recipes, Not Monopolies, on Invention

There are many misconceptions in the political debates about “fixing” the patent system, but one particularly flawed idea is that patents are a kind of monopoly that stifles competition. If that were true, it would be a real problem. Competition is a cornerstone of our economic system, and it drives both spectacular innovation and lower prices for consumers.

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The Invention is Just the Start

Today, Seattle-based Visualant announced their new collaboration with Intellectual Ventures (IV). Visualant makes the ChromaID hand-held scanner and its accompanying software that uses LEDs and photodiodes to scan materials and get a unique signature. When this signature is matched against existing databases, the Visualant products can be used to detect markers invisible to the human eye. 

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Invention East-West

At Intellectual Ventures’ (IV) China office, we are proud to be at the forefront of open innovation between East and West. Our team in Beijing works every day to bring Chinese inventions to the world. We also work to bring great inventions from all over the world to China – which is often their largest market. We do this by finding great Chinese inventions, protecting them with strategic patent filings, and promoting commercialization, licensing, collaboration, and other projects in support of those inventions.

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Expert Insights: “Patents as an Asset”

In the third post of our “Expert Insights” series, we asked for a first-hand account of how the market for intellectual property (IP) has evolved from Michael Dansky, the Executive Director of Capstone Advisory Group.  

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Expert Insights: The “Division of Labor” in IP

Our team sat down with several industry experts to learn more about their unique perspectives on the patent system. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will showcase video excepts from these interviews in a blog series entitled Expert Insights. Each post will focus on one hot topic facing the industry and its impact on innovation. 

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Global Good Signs First Commercialization Agreement

Global Good announced today that we have partnered with AUCMA—a leading refrigeration company—to manufacture and distribute our vaccine storage invention in the developing world. This is the first such agreement for Global Good and, as my colleague Geoff Deane notes, this accomplishment marks a significant milestone for a project that began more than four years ago with the goal to help lifesaving vaccines reach children in developing countries. Thanks in large part to those years of dedication and ingenuity at IV Lab, we are now one step closer to realizing that goal.

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Patents in the Board Room

For years, Intellectual Ventures has been talking to CEOs, CFOs, and CTOs about the value of intellectual property. Contrary to what some others might suggest, we believe the issue being discussed in America’s boardrooms—in companies of all sizes and across industries—is not whether patents matter, but how they matter.    

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Ideas as Assets

Intellectual Ventures is in the business of great ideas. Whether through our own inventions, collaboration with our global network of inventors or traditional acquisitions, we focus on creating, identifying, and commercializing the best ideas in the world.

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World's Biggest Paints and Coatings Company Works With IV to Source New Inventions

Today we announced that we have entered into a joint agreement with Akzo Nobel N.V. (AkzoNobel) to develop new technologies for the paints and coatings industry. Based in the Netherlands, AkzoNobel is the world's largest specialty paints and coatings company, and a major producer of specialty chemicals. IV will utilize its global network of more than 3,000 inventors to invent new technologies on behalf of AkzoNobel, potentially leading to commercialization in new and existing products.

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IV Partners with Edith Cowan University on Invention Development

Yesterday we announced a strategic partnership with Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, Australia, to collaborate on the development of inventions on a global scale. ECU, a leading Australian research university in the fields of Health and Wellness, Engineering and Sustainable Development, will gain access to IV’s unique technical, financial and legal expertise, and the organizations will work together to invest in and commercialise ECU’s discoveries.

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Inventor Spotlight: Matthew Whitten, Inventor and Mechanical Engineer

Matthew Whitten, the subject of this month’s Inventor Spotlight, likes to solve problems. And when he saw that – despite the massive growth of smartphones – there was no easy way to wirelessly print from a smartphone without a printer driver, he set out to invent a solution. Whitten’s invention does just that, allowing you to easily print from your smartphone on any printer without any wires or drivers to install.

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IV Partners with Caltech

Today we announced a partnership with one of the most prestigious research universities out there – Caltech.

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