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Watch: George Takei Visits IV Lab and Modernist Cuisine

To get a better picture of what’s happening within the wonderful world of invention, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and watch. View a few of our favorite videos highlighting the intellectual property business, science and research, and next-generation inventors. New this week: Actor and author George Takei chronicles his experience visiting Intellectual Ventures Laboratory and Modernist Cuisine's Cooking Lab.

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Nathan Myhrvold Urges Risk-Taking at 2012 Social Innovation Fast Pitch (VIDEO)

Nathan Myhrvold, CEO and co-founder of IV, recently delivered the keynote address at the 2012 Social Innovation Fast Pitch in Seattle. Created by Social Venture Partners, the Social Innovation Fast Pitch offers coaching, mentoring and workshops for local innovators to hone their ideas, culminating in a series of competitive rounds that provide recognition and awards for the winners.

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Nathan Myhrvold Sits Down with Slate Magazine

As part of its “Conversations with Slate” series, Slate Magazine recently posted excerpts from an interview with IV CEO Nathan Myhrvold. Nathan and host Jacob Weisberg touch on topics ranging from the role of the U.S. in 21st century innovation, to this year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster and even the dual nature of food as both sustenance and art:

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Thanksgiving Ingenuity

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and tomorrow families across the country will gather together around the most traditional of American meals. Any cook will tell you that pulling of a successful Thanksgiving dinner is a challenge, and cooking the perfect turkey can be a down-right art (check out a few tips from IV CEO and cookbook author Nathan Myhrvold). 

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