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Turns Out $29B Isn’t the Point At All

Last year, we asked if “$29B was the point?” Based on the popular findings from James Bessen and Michael J. Meurer’s “The Direct Costs from NPE Disputes” study in 2012, the pair have recently reversed course on their definitions of NPEs — so much so that the editor in chief of Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, Joff Wild, asks whether their argument on the “costs '[patent] trolls' impose on businesses, the taxes they levy on innovation, and the subsequent harm they do to the U.S. economy generally is now rendered completely meaningless.” 

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Why the Polite Term for “Trolls” is Also a Misnomer

If you’re a history buff, has a great column this week on how and why the Founding Fathers consciously designed the U.S. patent system to work the way it does.      

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How to Punish the Real "Trolls"

Many times, I’ve acknowledged there is a real problem with so-called “patent trolls,” and that the heart of the problem is frivolous lawsuits. 

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Are Patent Trolls the Problem or the Symptom?

Patents have been in the news again and as is often the case there is a lot of emotion in the coverage. With the recent White House action and numerous bills being introduced, we pulled some articles from the week that offer what we believe to be a more balanced view into the current state of the patent market as well as some alternative views and opinions on many of the proposed changes.

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Intellectual Ventures Comments on This American Life story

In response to This American Life’s updated story, “When Patents Attack Part 2,” Intellectual Ventures would like to set the record straight particularly with regard to some of the misinformation and speculation the story included about our company.   In addition to referring you to our original statement about the first story they did about our company in 2011, we’d like to offer the following facts. We also encourage you to read the statement we provided This American Life last month when they asked us to comment on their updated piece. We’ve included it at the end of this post.

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Why I Went on /.

Yesterday I took part in a live Slashdot Q&A. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Slashdot is a lot like the Roman Forum. Its online citizens are a lively and opinionated group and they don’t shy away from taking on topics, companies or people who intrigue or irritate them. 

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IV in the News: Interviews with Adriane Brown and Nathan Myhrvold

Beyond their leadership roles at Intellectual Ventures, IV executives are often asked to share their personal insights in the realms of intellectual property, science and leadership. Recently, IV’s Nathan Myhrvold and Adriane Brown both spoke with members of the press on issues ranging from the evolution of patent licensing, to the role of mentorship in team building:

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Disruption Invites Controversy

By definition, a disruptive innovation is a product or technology that, when introduced, either radically changes existing markets or creates wholly new ones, thereby disrupting companies and networks reliant on the status quo. In simpler terms, it signifies rapid and unexpected progress…a change in context. Intellectual Ventures is a disruptive organization, and like any other product or service which disrupts established markets, we’ve invited our share of controversy. We appreciate that patents are an emotionally charged issue that generates a lot of conversation and varying points of view, but we want to take a moment to provide our perspective on a recent characterization.

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