Simplifying satellite connections for instant broadband service on the go, anywhere in the world

Creating a broadband connection between a moving object on earth and a satellite in the sky requires an antenna that can steer a beam of radio frequency energy with pinpoint accuracy. Today, this is done with cumbersome mechanical antennas or expensive phased-array technology.  Intellectual Ventures’ metamaterials surface antenna technology (MSA-T) invention offers a better way.

MSA-T uses metamaterials – artificial materials with unique electromagnetic properties – to electronically steer an RF beam so that it stays locked onto a satellite even while in motion. This allows MSA-T to establish and maintain a broadband satellite connection on the go, anywhere in the world without any moving parts. Roughly the size of a laptop, this low-cost, lightweight technology is ideal for connecting airplanes, trains, boats or even cars to broadband service. MSA-T can also be used in portable antennas to deliver broadband service in remote locations.

MSA-T has been successfully tested and is expected to be in commercial development by 2015. To learn more about the technology, watch the video below or download the technical overview.