4,000 Inventors Working Together

Great inventors and phenomenal inventions need access to the financial, technical, and network resources required to effectively shepherd their best ideas from invention through to monetization. IV is the conduit for thousands of inventors across the world—from emerging countries like China and India to established invention leaders like the U.S. and Japan—investing more than US$100 million each year to develop, protect, and distribute their ideas.

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IV by the Numbers

4,000 Active Inventors in International Inventor Network
400+ Institutions and Universities with Active Relationships
13 Offices in 9 Countries Around the World
70,000 IP Assets Acquired and Nearly 40,000 in Active Monetization Programs
50+ Technology Areas Covered by Our Patent Assets
2000: Year Intellectual Ventures was Founded
Half a billion+ paid to individual inventors
140 Engineers, Scientists and Staff at IV Lab

Featured Case Study

Vincenzo Casasanta

Vincenzo Casasanta

Inventor & Physicist

"My partnership with Intellectual Ventures allows me to focus on being creative and inventive. I spend a lot more time now on what I consider to be the innovation process."

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Why Partner with IV?

Are you looking to focus more time on inventing and less time on patenting, marketing, and monetizing? As a member of IV’s invention community, we’ll work with you to support your ideas from inception through the patenting and licensing stages—getting your inventions into the hands of today’s most innovative companies.

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