Inventions are Valuable

In today’s high-tech world, it’s clear that inventions are both strategic and financial assets. Many companies and inventors have patents and patent applications that aren’t generating a strong return on investment. Intellectual Ventures purchases inventions from individual inventors and companies of all sizes and licenses them to the world’s most innovative companies.

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IV by the Numbers

Half a billion+ paid to individual inventors
70,000 IP Assets Acquired and Nearly 40,000 in Active Monetization Programs
13 Offices in 9 Countries Around the World
6 Billion+ Committed Capital
50+ Technology Areas Covered by Our Patent Assets

Featured Case Study

Dr. Eric Leuthardt

Dr. Eric Leuthardt

Neurosurgeon & Biomedical Engineer

"I like to integrate strange combinations of disciplines. Intellectual Ventures is a wonderful arena for bringing experts from different fields together to innovate breakthrough concepts."

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What We Buy

Intellectual Ventures’ targeted investment plan addresses current and anticipated needs in our patent portfolio. As we add to our portfolio, we want to be your buyer of choice for technology-related patents. Your U.S. and international issued and pending patent assets are of interest to us—specifically in high-tech areas.

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