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Today’s high-tech products can contain hundreds or thousands of patented inventions resulting in Invention Gap™ exposure for technology companies. The Invention Gap—the difference between the invention rights companies own and the intellectual property (IP) assets they use—represents a strategic risk and potentially substantial financial liability. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, over the past 15 years, the annual median damages award for patent litigation in the U.S. has ranged from $2.4M to $10.5M—with single initial judgments as high as $1.8B. Together with our customers, Intellectual Ventures is Bridging the Invention Gap™ by significantly reducing liabilities and providing access to valuable invention rights.

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  • License Our Patents

    Patented inventions and intellectual property are strategic assets in today’s business climate. At IV, we put our invention assets to work for our customers—helping them mitigate risk and attain competitive advantage.

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  • IP-for-Defense

    The frequency with which high-tech companies are involved in patent infringement litigation and the cost to defend such litigation are increasing. IV’s patents can serve as counter-assertion for accused infringers, enabling more efficient negotiations to reduce liabilities and achieve favorable licensing terms.

  • IP Monetization

    The costs for companies to maintain a large patent portfolio can challenge valuable financial resources and disrupt management focus. IV helps companies identify underutilized assets in their portfolio and helps monetize those assets in a variety of ways by leveraging our expertise and efficient licensing channels.

  • Litigation Clearance

    Legal, settlement, and damage award costs are daunting for companies whether the litigation each faces is active, pending, or a future possibility. IV collaborates with tech companies, Bridging the Invention Gap™ by procuring and then licensing patents in litigation, efficiently clearing billions of dollars of exposed product revenue.

  • Strategic Buying

    Identifying and acquiring patent rights within targeted technology areas of high importance and value helps companies reduce their Invention Gap exposure. But purchasing patent rights on the open market can be cost prohibitive for an individual company. Through the Strategic Buying process, IV pools resources to acquire these targeted assets and licenses them to our customers.