How It Works

How It Works

Quick and Direct

Benefit from working with the world's largest buyer of patents.

Intellectual Ventures is the world’s largest buyer of individual patents. In fact, in a typical year we evaluate an average of 35,000 assets. We work hard to be your buyer of choice for both issued and pending patents. This means that you can expect quick responses and thorough and direct asset evaluations. 

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Submission Is Simple

Initiating the selling process is as easy as submitting your asset online—simply use our online invention submission tool. At this initial stage, please only send publicly available information such as published papers, patent numbers, or published patent applications. Avoid sharing sensitive or proprietary information until you have been contacted by Intellectual Ventures. Once you have submitted a patent for our consideration, our patent specialists read and respond to every serious inquiry. Occasionally, due to the volume of inquiries we receive, a response may be delayed.

Selective Buying Process

We are very selective about the patent assets we buy. While Intellectual Ventures is one of the world’s largest buyers of invention rights, we only buy about 10% of the assets we evaluate. In the event an opportunity does not match our investment plan, we will respond quickly to let you know.

Predictable & Personalized Service

After an initial conversation and preliminary evaluation, and if both parties are in agreement, we’ll outline the purchase process in detail. A deal manager will guide the patent asset sale to completion through the assessment, valuation, and negotiation stages. The deal manager will also share the anticipated timeframes to close. Rest assured, if your asset is a good fit for the Intellectual Ventures portfolio, we want to move as quickly as you do. And, if at any point during the transaction you have questions or concerns, a deal manager and support team are just a call away.

What to expect when you work with us

Here is what you can expect when you engage with IV to sell your patents. Ready to get started? Submit your invention and we'll get moving.