People from around the world turn to IV to help monetize their inventions. Learn how IV has helped our customers—from first-time inventors to patent brokers—realize their goals, whether it’s growing the family business or developing more inventions.

  • William Wolf

    After the first patent I sold to IV, I took my son to a Red Sox game to celebrate!

    William Wolf
    Inventor, Software Programmer
  • Robert Gunderman

    The ability to take an asset, monetize it and feed the profits back into a business is a truly creative undertaking.

    Robert Dale Gunderman
    U.S. & Canadian Patent Agent; President & CEO, Hydratics®
    Rochester, New York
  • Steve Mason

    We’re very selective in the assets we sell and to whom we sell them. We focus on long-term, personal relationships with key evaluators and buyers.

    Steve Mason
    Las Vegas, NV
  • Drew Barbosa

    The sale of my asset to Intellectual Ventures allowed me to grow my business.

    Drew Barbosa
    Inventor, Owner
    Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning
  • David Smith

    Start-ups have a real disadvantage when they enter a marketplace where business capital demands and competition get intense. For those businesses that fail, the one thing left is their intellectual property.

    David Smith
    President, Tynax, Inc
    Palo Alto, CA
  • Luis Ortiz

    The patent acquisitions team at IV is usually the quickest to respond when I contact them with an opportunity.

    Luis Ortiz
    Inventor, Patent Attorney
    Ortiz & Lopez, PLLC
  • Paul Greco

    If there’s a particular need, Intellectual Ventures will bring value to the seller by helping them understand how to monetize their intellectual property.

    Paul Greco
    Senior VP, ICAP Patent Brokerage
    New York, NY
  • Chuck Cortright

    Intellectual Ventures is an exceptionally thorough, professional and detailed buyer that gets deals done at entrepreneurial speed.

    Chuck Cortright
    Orange County, CA
  • Gustavo Aray

    Intellectual Ventures is the great equalizer for patents. Little guys wouldn’t survive without IV.

    Gustavo Aray
    Owner, IP Brokerage
    Shanghai, China

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