About Us

We believe that ideas are valuable. We’re here to ensure a market for invention continues to thrive.

IV isn’t shy about taking risks; we’re innovators. We’ve built the invention capital market from scratch and we continue to lead by example. We tackle business, problem solving, and invention head on, and we have the acumen and expertise to pull it off. Our cross-disciplinary approach affords us the opportunity to work with leading inventors and pioneering companies to find creative solutions. And above all else, we have a passion for invention that drives us forward.

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Funding Eureka!

—Nathan Myhrvold
  • IP as Your Strategic Asset

    Curious how to raise your current percentage of market share? Looking to enter new or adjacent markets? Patents are today’s strategic business assets—they can mitigate risk and create competitive advantage for you and your competitors.

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  • Exploring Technology’s Boundaries

    We see a challenge, we take it on. Developing innovative solutions to some of the world's most intriguing problems is in our DNA., Whether we invent in-house or collaborate with others, our ideas push the limits of what's possible.

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How Our Business Works

How Our Business Works

IV has always been ahead of the intellectual property curve—in fact we set the trajectory for the market. We made the business choice to focus on invention, and invention only. That allowed us the freedom to build our expertise and knowledge and be pointed in our pursuits. But we’re no one trick pony. We know the IP market, from patent applications to portfolio licensing, inside and out.

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