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What We Do

We create, incubate, and commercialize impactful inventions. Led by avid inventor and visionary Nathan Myhrvold, our spinout companies have the power to transform industries. At the edge of technological advances that serve both the developed and developing world, we work with the world’s top inventors to push innovation forward. Welcome to Intellectual Ventures.

IV Lab

Deep Learning
The Autoscope relies on deep learning to detect the malaria parasite from blood films on glass microscope slides, just one of the ways we’re using AI to outsmart disease. 

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Culture Of Discovery

We aren't afraid of impossible ideas.

Who We Are

Super-Sensitive Diagnostics. Quickly detects hidden malaria cases missed by current tests. A future without malaria just got closer.


The Stories That Define Us

Why We Need Innovative Nuclear Energy

Intellectual Ventures founder and CEO Nathan Myhrvold illuminates why people and the planet need every source of reliable, carbon-free energy we can get. Read to learn why Nathan fully believes that "energy is the fulcrum that gives leverage to human ingenuity."

The Need is Global
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