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As the global leader in the business of invention, we’re proud to foster a culture that prizes bold ideas and relentless curiosity. We are disruptors and builders, thinkers and doers. We experiment. We research. We invent and reinvent, tinker and tweak, probe and prove. Always evolving, never complacent, we can’t stop the pursuit of discovery. Because when you’re solving some of the world’s biggest challenges, you can’t wait for the next big thing. You have to imagine and create those solutions, every day. That’s what powers us—the boundless energy and impact of invention.

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Meet Our Leadership

Building a culture of innovation starts at the top, and IV’s executive team exemplifies our unwavering commitment to discovery and creative thinking at every level. 

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Meet ourIV Team

Learn more about the people who power our pursuits, from engineers and entrepreneurs, to lab scientists, lawyers, and technologists.

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Our Teams Give Back to The Community

IV In The Community

As a company and individually, we support a wide range of causes—from encouraging STEM education for underserved populations, to hands-on work to rebuild homes in local neighborhoods, to raising money for local poverty programs.

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