Invention Knows No Bounds

Intellectual Ventures has offices—including its headquarters and IV Laboratory—in Bellevue, Washington, and Dublin, Ireland. For media and press inquiries, please contact:

If you are interested in potentially licensing, acquiring, or simply want more information about the patent rights included in the Invention Investment Fund (IIF) patent portfolio, please contact IIF’s Global Licensing and Patent Sales team:

Bellevue, WA (Headquarters)

3150 139th Ave SE

Building 4

Bellevue, WA 98005

United States


Verifications of Employment
(US offices)

Phone: (425) 467 - 2300

Fax: (425) 467 - 2350




Phone: 1 (844) 417 - 9178

Fax: (425) 283 - 4821


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Dublin, Ireland

7 Harcourt Street

Dublin, 2


Phone: 353.0.1.472.01.00

Fax: 353.1.475.85.82

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