Our Leadership

At Intellectual Ventures, our goal is to approach our work—whether in the lab or in the office—with ingenuity and enthusiasm, and to challenge and inspire one another daily. That creative energy starts at the top, and our leadership team exemplifies our fierce, unwavering commitment to curiosity and discovery. From physicists and economists, to prolific inventors and technology visionaries, our leaders embrace new and unique perspectives, and we encourage you to learn more about the people guiding our funds and teams.

Founder and CEO

Nathan Myhrvold

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nathan Myhrvold founded Intellectual Ventures (IV) in 2000 and has led the company since then as its chief executive officer. Under Nathan’s leadership, IV has grown from a handful of entrepreneurs into the world’s preeminent invention and investment business. He is among IV’s most prolific inventors, with more than 800 U.S. patents awarded and several hundred patents pending.

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Executive Leadership Team

Keith Figueroa

Senior Director, Systems and Technology Group

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Larry Froeber

Chief Financial Officer

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Mathen Ganesan

Executive Vice President, Invention Investment Fund

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Meaghan Garick

Vice President, Corporate Communications

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Nicole Grogan

Chief People Officer

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Jerome Hewlett

Vice President – Business Development, Invention Science Fund

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Brian Holloway

Vice President, Deep Science Fund

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Alex Knight

Vice President – Venture Development, Invention Science Fund

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Janet Smith

General Counsel

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Founders & Advisors

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