Intellectual Ventures is a privately-held invention investment company built on the premise that ideas are valuable. Similar to other investment capital companies, we operate a portfolio of funds—each invention related—designed to produce a financial return for our investors. We manage and grow our invention portfolios using distinct approaches, and each fund monetizes its patent assets through a variety of licensing and partnering programs.

Invention Investment Fund (IIF)

We invest in the acquisition of existing patents and enhance the value of pending applications.

  • On average, 35,000 patent assets evaluated per year since 2003.

Global Good Fund

Global Good combines Intellectual Ventures' unique invention prowess with the expertise of leading humanitarian organizations, forward-looking governments, and commercial partners that share our vision. Together, we invent, develop, and deploy commercially-viable technologies that improve life in developing countries. 

Invention Science Fund (ISF)

Invention Science Fund invents and prosecutes our own inventions in areas such as metamaterials, medical technologies, energy, communications, computing and consumer.

  • More than 2,000 patents granted.

Deep Science

Deep Science investigates applications for IV’s most ambitious inventions in areas such as advanced chemistry, the physical sciences, and biomedical devices.

Roles Within the Ecosystem

Each fund has a function within our business model. Collectively, they guide how we operate in the invention marketplace.

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