Investor Relations

Intellectual Ventures (IV) is a privately-held invention capital company with one of the world’s largest and fastest growing invention portfolios. As leaders in the business of invention, IV brings together expertise and capital to link buyers with sellers of intellectual property.

Our goal is to grow a more efficient invention economy that will energize technological progress, potentially changing the world for the better.

To date, we have raised more than $7.3 billion in investor capital with cumulative licensing revenues exceeding $4.3 billion.

  • Founded in 2000
  • Founders include Nathan Myhrvold, Edward Jung, Peter Detkin, and Greg Gorder
  • 95,000 IP assets acquired and nearly 30,000 IP assets in active monetization programs
  • Three active funds: IIF, ISF and Global Good
  • Global offices in 2 countries
  • Launched 15 spinouts and joint ventures

IV does not accept or solicit investments from the general public.

Contact Us

Matt Gee
Senior Manager, Strategy and Planning
T: 1.425.283.4733

Janice Kary
Director, Investor Relations and Business Development
T: 1.425.677.2914

Joe Kosiara
Senior Director, Finance
T: 1.425.467.2359