With a company as complex as ours, it’s not a surprise when we see news stories about the launch of our new spin-out company Kymeta, the successful conclusion of our litigation program in the memory industry and an op-ed by our CEO Nathan Myhrvold about funding innovation to solve the world’s biggest challenges – all within one month! If you’re behind on your IV news and looking to catch up on what we’ve been doing, check out the articles below and get up to speed.

Catch Up on Your IV Reading

We launched our new spin-out company Kymeta, which will be developing products using metamaterials satellite antenna technology. The media was interested to hear about our new venture and how we developed the innovative technology and designed a company around it. Ina Fried of All Things D wrote about the company and funding sources, and David Zax of Fast Company interviewed Kymeta CEO Vern Fotheringham to learn how our technology has the potential to change the way the world accesses the internet.

Wall Street Journal legal reporter Ashby Jones spoke with IV's VP and Chief Litigation Counsel Melissa Finocchio to learn more about the company's settlement deals with Korea-based SK hynix Inc. and Japan-based Elpida Memory, Inc. and why this news is a milestone in IV's history.

IV Founder and CEO Nathan Myhrvold contributed an op-ed to MIT’s Technology Review for the magazine’s series exploring the funding of innovation. He wrote about why he and a team of investors decided to build a company around a new kind of nuclear reactor, TerraPower, that could solve the massive energy shortage the world is about to face.

Jim Kerstetter and Josh Lowensohn of CNET visited IV for a behind-the-scenes look at how we source inventions and why we believe investing in invention is important. Their story examines the criticisms leveled at IV and aims to discover what’s really going on and why IV has the tech world so riled up. Check out the accompanying photo album for a peek inside IV!

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