Technology is constantly evolving around us – in fact, if you don’t stop to take note of it, you might completely miss it. Depending on your age, you’ve likely seen some of today’s most advanced technology in its infancy — a mere prototype of an idea born from zealous inventors. Remember these?

Before there were online music curators, there were mixtapes.

If only Zack Morris’ brick phone had a “Track Mr. Belding” app.

The Model T was just as amazing in its feats of engineering as Tesla’s Model S.

Looking back at current technology in its infancy, we’re reminded of all of the great ideas inventors mobilized to bring us into the modern age. To do so requires constant commitment to ingenuity, team work, and the willingness to take risks – and sometimes fail.

So occasionally when you look at your smartphone, play a song with an online streaming service, or appreciate the fuel savings of a hybrid engine, take a moment to appreciate the inventors who’ve worked hard and invested deeply to make our world a more connected, more livable – more fun! – place.

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