May is National Inventors Month here in the US. I know, I know. Almost every cause has a national month. In fact, May also happens to be National Pet Month, National Bike Month and National Lyme Disease Awareness Month. You might even think the very idea of inventing sounds quaint and out of date, like the phrase “garage shop tinkerer.” You might think independent inventors disappeared after Thomas Edison. You would be wrong.

In Case You Missed It: National Inventors Month

Inventors and inventing don’t get nearly the recognition they deserve. And since inventing is a very big part of life here at Intellectual Ventures, we wanted to review the top posts here on IV Insights in honor of inventors.

  • Who will become the great inventors of the 21st century? IV’s Edward Jung and Geoff Deane provide their thoughts on how to encourage young people to pursue invention.
  • Curious how modern day inventors navigate the complicated business of invention? Check out these inventor tips on how to hack the invention process.
  • Don’t let your inner-inventor go unnoticed. Take this quiz to find out which geek mastermind you resemble most.
  • We’ve been celebrating inventors – past, present, and future – all month long. Here’s a list of a few futurists inventing and innovating ahead of their time.

And as May comes to an end, we also want to extend our sincere thanks all the thinkers, dreamers and leaders this month is devoted to. Your relentless pursuit of the ideas and inventions that move the world forward is nothing short of inspiring. National Inventors Month honors each and every one of you, and although the official celebration is ending, invention moves on, improving lives around the world.

Whether you’re learning about, building, buying, or selling invention, you’re part of valued community, and we’re here to help you carry on…

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