This National Inventors’ Day, Intellectual Ventures is kicking off a new series to spotlight the people whose ideas fuel progress. Over the coming weeks, we will feature interviews with the inventors and scientists in IV’s network and in the greater inventor community to understand their approach to advancing science and technology. We’ll also highlight their future visions and offer anecdotes about things they think might surprise people about working in the field of invention.

Introducing “Behind the Breakthrough”

We’ve started this series to show our appreciation for the men and women whose hard work and creative intellects have made modern invention possible, but also to inspire others with stories about individuals who are making real breakthroughs for our society.

Today we’re featuring our first profile on Dr. Gregory Phelan. Dr. Phelan has worked as a member of IV’s Invention Network, where his inventions have made great strides in creating alternatives to potentially harmful BPA-based polymers in food packaging, baby bottles, and other products.

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