From the wheel to the assembly line, from the combustion engine to space flight, and from the pen to the World Wide Web, invention moves the world forward. Whether it influences our daily lives or our future, invention changes the world for the better.

Invention in Motion

As a company rooted in invention, Intellectual Ventures works every day to support the people who propel ideas into motion. But today is not a typical day in the invention business. May 1 marks the start of National Inventors Month here in the U.S.: a celebration of inventors past, present, and future.

This month we invite you – a community of thinkers, tinkerers, makers, and leaders  –  to help us honor inventors everywhere: Inventors such as Dan, who invented a process for converting an agricultural byproduct into a food ingredient; aspiring inventor Leoma, who set her sights on joining the STEM workforce; and Vincenzo, an independent inventor who is exploring everything from optical devices to energy conservation.

Although we feel that inventors should be celebrated every day, we’re looking forward to dedicating the next 30 days to paying tribute to the people behind the patents. We hope you’ll follow the stories we’ll share on our blog, social media, and newsletter.

Happy Inventors Month, and happy inventing!

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