In the same way that engineers advance technology, chefs apply scientific knowledge and experimental techniques to advance the culinary arts. ‘Tis the season for culinary creativity, so as you are gathered around your holiday table, take a moment to recognize the inventors who’ve contributed to our modern day Turkey Day essentials:

Invention in the Kitchen: A Modernist Thanksgiving
  • Thomas J. Hayes, from Wauconda, Ill., invented the disposable cooking pan. (Patent #: US005628427)
  • Lester Gidge, from Nashua, N.H., invented a cranberry harvesting method and apparatus. (Patent #: US005375402)
  • After nearly two decades of research, development, and patenting in Gary, Ind., Mary Hunter’s new Marinating Stick is ready to join your drawer of Thanksgiving kitchen essentials.

Hundreds of inventions, contraptions, and technologies improve our time in the kitchen—from plastic wrap to potato flakes. One innovation, in particular, is a favorite of Intellectual Ventures CEO Nathan Myhrvold and our friends at The Cooking Lab: the sous-vide method. If you’re up for a challenge, start prepping your Thanksgiving feast with these modernist recipes.

Not ready to attempt a sous-vide turkey? We understand. Whether you are in a kitchen or a research lab, learning new tools and techniques takes practice. You can start sampling modernist cooking methods by downloading the new Modernist Cuisine at Home ebook. If you’re in the Seattle area, experience the art and science of cooking first-hand at The Photography of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition, now on display at the Pacific Science Center.

Happy cooking, and happy Thanksgiving!

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