Thomas Edison said, “During all those years of experimentation and research, I never once made a discovery. All my work was deductive, and the results I achieved were those of invention, pure and simple.” 

Invention, Pure and Simple

We often talk about complex inventions that push the boundaries of what we’ve thought possible—tools to fight malaria, zero-emission energy, 3D printing. But let’s not forget that, when acted upon, basic concepts can become new inventions that have a profound impact on our lives. The telephone was inspired by a desire to communicate with each other. A bird’s wing inspired flying machines. Mary Anderson, inventor of the windshield wiper, simply wanted to see through her window on a rainy day.

In celebration of National Inventors Month, we’ve created a poster series that honors brilliant inventions in their minimalist forms. 

Click on the links below to view and download the posters.

Inventor Minimalist Posters

Inventor Minimalist Posters


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