Next in our series of Inventor Spotlights, we highlight a savvy IP-based startup named ClevX and its founder and president/CEO Lev Bolotin. Lev, who arrived in the U.S. from Moscow with $36 in his pocket, used his inventive nature and robotics background to start his own company based on intellectual property.

ClevX’s proposition is quite aligned with ours – it aims to give tech companies a competitive edge by developing new technologies and licensing them to those companies. Lev explains that he observed the growth of Intellectual Ventures and the development of an invention capital market, and he realized he could create a company that fit within this newly viable market.

Take a few minutes to read our newest Inventor Spotlight about Lev Bolotin and ClevX, and learn how Lev brokered an acquisition deal with IV that helped fund ClevX and also benefited another company he consulted for.