I’ve spoken quite a bit about the diversity of our company lately, and the last year has been a testament to that theme. We’ve continued to broaden our customer base, signing licenses with large multinationals like American Express, while also working with local innovators like Seattle Polymer to help our customers strengthen their competitive edge. 

It Starts with Invention

We’ve joined forces with top research institutions like Canada’s McGill University to make it easier for some of today’s great minds to collaborate on solving our greatest problems and creating the next breakthrough technologies. And just last week we announced Kymeta, our second spin-out company, whose metamaterials satellite technology is poised to transform mobile broadband internet.

Yesterday marked another milestone here at IV as we re-launched our corporate website and this very blog, IV Insights. Over the coming weeks you’ll be hearing from IV’s leadership, their teams and their partners, who will use IV Insights to share updates on their organizations, the work they’re doing, and to generally provide insight on what can at times appear to be a complex company. With IV Insights our goal is to directly connect with the invention community around us, whether it’s our customers, our academic partners, or anyone else inspired by invention.

As I’ve said before, the common thread through everything we do at IV is our belief in the value of great ideas. Whether we’re licensing those ideas, developing them ourselves, or expanding our global network, it starts with invention.


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