One of Intellectual Ventures’ investors, Izhar Armony of Charles River Ventures, appeared on TechCrunchTV’s “Ask a VC” program this week and answered questions from TechCrunch readers about a variety of VC-related topics.

In addition to questions about startups, readers asked for his opinion on patents and Intellectual Ventures. Izhar discusses why he firmly believes inventors have the right to be compensated for the intellectual property they create. He also speaks about the efficiency that IV creates in the market by compiling portfolios of thousands of patents that companies can easily access, and he notes that IV has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to universities and individual inventors. Later in the interview, Izhar explains that he prefers to invest in companies that have the potential to change the world by tackling big technical problems, and he points to IV's startup company TerraPower as an example of that.



The discussion about patents begins at the 3:30 mark. Izhar talks about IV at the 6:20 mark and TerraPower at the 12:50 mark.