Last Saturday, Intellectual Ventures co-founders Nathan Myhrvold and Edward Jung contributed an op-ed to the Wall Street Journal, discussing the Asian tech boom and its impact on Western tech interests.

The column analyzes the massive increases in higher education and scientific research in Asia, ultimately concluding that progress, whether from Silicon Valley or Shanghai, should be cheered by the global scientific community.

“We also need to keep in mind that the arrival of Asia as a first-class partner in technological progress will be good for the West on many levels. It will strengthen the middle class in Asian countries, expand the bonds of trade and set the stage for more robust economic growth across the globe. And it will create a wider circle of nations capable of contributing to the next breakthroughs in nuclear energy, a manned mission to Mars and other giant milestones of technology.”

Read the column in full to learn more about Nathan and Edward’s thoughts on global innovation.

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