University spinouts and start-up companies that recognize the importance of capitalizing on intellectual property can be incredibly successful ventures. In this week’s News You Can Use, we’re highlighting stories about the value patents bring to both entrepreneurs and academic institutions.

News You Can Use: The Value of Patents for Entrepreneurs and Academic Institutions

Helping University Spinouts Succeed

It’s no secret that colleges and universities are hubs of innovative thought. It makes sense, then, that spin-out companies often form from the ideas incubated in campus classrooms. This week The Guardian explores how academics seek investors to help transform their inventions into successful businesses. “Many universities now have departments or even businesses that help academics turn their ideas into commercial propositions,” the article reports.

Why Start-Ups Need Intellectual Property

How can entrepreneurs give their new businesses the best shot at longevity? According to Forbes, intellectual property plays a big role in attracting the kind of investors that provide long-term value to new ventures. The article points to universities, with their deep wells of intellectual property, as key targets for new companies seeking valuable partnerships.  

Thinking Creatively About Inspiring Innovation

How can savvy business executives identify the best way to cultivate innovation? It depends on the company, but an open mind is always useful. The paradigm of innovation being located in a brick-and-mortar research and development environment is shifting to an “adaptive, globally dispersed [approach] to access critical knowledge from different markets, industries, and emerging innovation hot spots.” Harvard Business Review takes a deep dive into the idea that having a single channel strategy for innovation makes the challenge of acquiring knowledge much harder.

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