It’s that time again. We have been paying close attention to the latest news surrounding IP, technology and innovation and wanted to share some of the highlights in this month’s edition of News You Can Use:

  • Fast Company began a series of blog posts on the America Invents Act (AIA) designed to explain some of its key provisions and their real-world effects for tech companies. In the first post, author John Villasenor details an explanation of “first-to-file” – the replacement of the longstanding “first-to-invent” system.   
  • Meanwhile, Reuters reported on new figures from The World Intellectual Property Organization which show record patent filings in 2011 driven by growth in China. Sheng Yan, president of IV China, authored a post last month on the significance of China’s recent commitment to IP.  
  • Finally, the New York Times profiled Bell Labs as an example of how the United States developed its longstanding innovative edge, and contrasts it with today’s culture of innovation in Silicon Valley.

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