Humans have been able to cross the oceans, fly around the world, and now sing David Bowie covers in space. These accomplishments and so many more can be laid at the doorstep of inventors. It is because of them that there is no final frontier because there will always be the opportunity to improve what we have and to search for what’s next.   

Recently, I have been interviewing inventors for IV’s Project Eureka!, a campaign focused on educating and inspiring inventors. Through these interviews I noticed a common theme. Regardless of the type of inventions, or the focus of the inventor, each person I’ve interviewed seems to regard the world through a lens that is constantly seeking things that can be improved, even just a little bit. The inventors who have already bettered the world are an inspiration, but for me it is the younger generation, the next crop of inventors that really has me in awe. 


In honor of National Inventors Month, we have put together a compilation of incredible young inventors who have already begun inventing progress and finding their own Eureka! moments. Take a moment to be impressed by what these young people have already accomplished.

If you know of other young inventors who should be added to our list, please tell us on facebook.

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