At IV we work with inventors and inventive companies in a variety of ways, including buying IP assets from them. Many times we buy valuable assets when a company believes that a reputable and experienced IP company like IV will be best suited to monetize them. The cash infusion from selling us those assets allows those companies to continue developing and marketing their core products.

FSMLabs is one such company who recently sold us some of its virtualization, security and fault tolerance patents. FSMLabs, which provides its customers with real-time and timekeeping technology, sold us part of their patent portfolio because it allows them to apply the capital toward continuing to execute on their business and do further research. 

We talk a lot about creating a capital market for inventions where we assist in flowing money to inventive companies and individuals. This is one example of what the patent acquisitions side of our business looks like, and you can expect to see more about the inventors we work with in the coming months.