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Invention Science Fund Partnering with NAMIC to Create New 3D Printing Technologies

There’s hardly an industry 3D printing doesn’t promise to revolutionize. From rocket engine injectors to life-like prosthetics, it’s undeniable that 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a huge field of technological opportunity. 

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News You Can Use: Intellectual Property and Economic Growth

This week’s News You Can Use features stories that show how a strong intellectual property system supports economic growth. As a result, countries are prioritizing investment in innovation.

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Asia’s Invention Boom (Part 2)

In my earlier post, Asia’s Invention Boom, we explored how Asian countries have moved from imitation to innovation. Why should the US welcome the challenge Asian countries are asserting in becoming the dominant global force for innovation?

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Asia’s Invention Boom (Part 1)

For more than a century, the United States has been the dominant global force for innovation. But China and other Asian countries are now testing that dominance, and the West should welcome the challenge.

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Global Leaders Chart the Future

The Boao Forum for Asia came to North America for the first time this year, and Seattle proudly hosted what’s become a prestigious gathering of the brightest minds in government, business, and academia.

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Q&A with IV China’s Yan Sheng

Whether it’s economic growth, the creation of new inventions, or investment in clean technologies, China has become a world leader. We asked IV’s country head of China, Yan Sheng, about his thoughts on how invention and innovation are changing China.

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The Future of Food and Health

The future of food and health depends on our ability to solve some of the most pressing problems we face today: increasing demands on crop yields to feed an ever-increasing population, food safety, and pollution, to highlight just three of the most talked-about issues. A global investment of time, brainpower, and collaboration is needed now to explore new processes, technologies, and inventions that will sustain food and health tomorrow. 

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CEO of Asia Optical on Collaboration and IP

When Intellectual Ventures acquired the Kodak digital imaging patent portfolio in 2013, we helped execute one of the largest, most complex patent sales in history. But more importantly, we helped provide our customers efficient access to the invention rights.

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Forward-looking Partner in China

As my colleague Yan Sheng highlighted in his recent post, Invention East-West, Chinese companies are quickly catching up with their peer companies around the world. Several Chinese companies are also taking on challenging projects and investing and making long-term commitments in and for the developing world. One such company is AUCMA, one of China's leading refrigeration companies and our partner in the commercialization of Global Good's vaccine storage invention for use in developing countries. 

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Invention East-West

At Intellectual Ventures’ (IV) China office, we are proud to be at the forefront of open innovation between East and West. Our team in Beijing works every day to bring Chinese inventions to the world. We also work to bring great inventions from all over the world to China – which is often their largest market. We do this by finding great Chinese inventions, protecting them with strategic patent filings, and promoting commercialization, licensing, collaboration, and other projects in support of those inventions.

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Global Consensus on IP’s Role in Advancing Science & Tech

I recently attended the Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum in Kyoto, widely considered Asia's version of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Forum aims to create a global network that will advance science and technology for the benefit of humankind, and I was privileged to speak on a panel dedicated to the role of IP rights in this equation.

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East Meets Us

There’s been a lot of concern about the recent slowdown in China’s economy. That concern is understandable, since a downturn in the world’s second largest economy could trigger problems for Europe, maybe even another global recession. But there’s one aspect of Chinese prosperity that the usual metrics don’t capture: Chinese intellectual property. 

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Leading Asian Newspaper Recommends IV’s Invention Development Work as a Model for Driving Innovation

On August 19th, the Chosun Ilbo, Korea’s largest daily newspaper by circulation, ran an editorial analyzing the decline in job opportunities for Korean software engineers. The editorial highlights the importance of nurturing inventors and specifically IV’s practice of rewarding inventors with a share of the profits from the inventions we accept in our invention development programs. 

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Nathan Myhrvold and Edward Jung Discuss Asia’s Tech Boom in Wall Street Journal

Last Saturday, Intellectual Ventures co-founders Nathan Myhrvold and Edward Jung contributed an op-ed to the Wall Street Journal, discussing the Asian tech boom and its impact on Western tech interests.

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IV’s Masanobu Katoh Keynotes Fuji-Sankei IP Business Forum 2011

IV’s Executive Vice President and Head of Japan Masanobu Katoh was the keynote speaker at the Fuji-Sankei IP Business Forum 2011, held on June 27th in Tokyo, Japan. The audience of nearly 400 corporate planning and IP professionals from many of Japan’s leading manufacturers and law firms paid close attention as Katoh walked them through a description of recent trends in both the IT and the IP industries. Specifically, Katoh talked about how the term “IP” has come to have two significant meanings in “Internet Protocol” and “Intellectual Property.” Increasingly these two different worlds are converging, resulting in an environment where professionals who work in one or the other area increasingly need skills in both.

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IV Attends the 2011 Asia IP Exchange Conference

IV was one of the platinum sponsors for the 2011 Asia IP Exchange, held this past May 29 - 31 at the Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong. The format is fairly new and novel for an IP conference.

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Inventor Spotlight: Aya Seike, Electrical Engineering Expert

In our newest Inventor Spotlight, we introduce Aya Seike, an electrical engineering expert and visiting researcher at the Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.

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China’s Emerging Role Apparent at ITT Beijing Conference

IV recently sponsored the 2011 International Technology Transfer Beijing Conference held April 14 and 15 at the Beijing International Hotel. The event was an impressive way to announce to the world that China is ready to participate fully in the international market for technology transfer and more than 1,200 attendees filled the halls and meeting rooms throughout the event.

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Students of Invention: Edward Jung Visits Beijing’s Peking University

The lecture hall was standing-room only at Beijing’s Peking University as our co-founder and CTO Edward Jung spoke to 300 students about the importance of invention on March 10th. Several members of our IV-China office also couldn’t resist attending the lecture.

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Our perspective on events in Japan

Our work brings us into close collaboration with some of the foremost experts in the nuclear energy arena. At TerraPower, we are working to advance future designs, therefore we’re not directly involved in the current situation in Japan. We are, however, getting first-hand accounts about how the global nuclear industry is working together to resolve the situation. Because of the natural disaster and fast-changing circumstances at the plants, we won’t speculate on problems encountered at the facilities. However, in response to inquiries concerning TerraPower’s technology, the traveling wave technology is unlike any design built today. Visit the TerraPower post about the situation in Japan to learn more.

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Why IV Takes a Global Stance on Innovation

As many in the technology and economics sectors have noted, innovation in Asia is on a major upswing. The first time I heard the phrase “The Asian Century” was in 1992 at AT&T Bell Laboratories. At the time, American companies were making plans to address long-term opportunities in Asia. They felt that Asia would have the largest and fastest-growing markets, and thus the 21st century would be “The Asian Century.”

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