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Cory Van Arsdale on licensing, collaboration and the future of patenting

At Intellectual Ventures, part of our business involves providing customers and partners worldwide with patents and invention-related services. As a result, Senior Vice President of Global Licensing Cory Van Arsdale has great perspective on the state of the global intellectual property ecosystem.

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News You Can Use: Intellectual Property and Economic Growth

This week’s News You Can Use features stories that show how a strong intellectual property system supports economic growth. As a result, countries are prioritizing investment in innovation.

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News You Can Use: The Future of Intellectual Property

This week’s News You Can Use highlights stories about the future of intellectual property—the increasing globalization of IP systems, how the worlds’ business leaders are setting priorities for their respective IP environments, and the critical importance of IP to industries as they evolve.

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News You Can Use: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In this week’s News You Can Use, we’re highlighting interesting stories about the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation. Learn why millennials are prioritizing entrepreneurship more than previous generations, why patents are an untapped asset for startups, and how the UK hopes to encourage more collaboration between product manufacturers and innovators.

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Turns Out $29B Isn’t the Point At All

Last year, we asked if “$29B was the point?” Based on the popular findings from James Bessen and Michael J. Meurer’s “The Direct Costs from NPE Disputes” study in 2012, the pair have recently reversed course on their definitions of NPEs — so much so that the editor in chief of Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, Joff Wild, asks whether their argument on the “costs '[patent] trolls' impose on businesses, the taxes they levy on innovation, and the subsequent harm they do to the U.S. economy generally is now rendered completely meaningless.” 

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News You Can Use: Week of November 3

Have you been keeping up with the latest news coverage on intellectual property, technology, and innovation? Intellectual Ventures has been paying close attention, and we wanted to share a few compelling stories from the last week or two with you:

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Asia’s Invention Boom (Part 2)

In my earlier post, Asia’s Invention Boom, we explored how Asian countries have moved from imitation to innovation. Why should the US welcome the challenge Asian countries are asserting in becoming the dominant global force for innovation?

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Asia’s Invention Boom (Part 1)

For more than a century, the United States has been the dominant global force for innovation. But China and other Asian countries are now testing that dominance, and the West should welcome the challenge.

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Global Leaders Chart the Future

The Boao Forum for Asia came to North America for the first time this year, and Seattle proudly hosted what’s become a prestigious gathering of the brightest minds in government, business, and academia.

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Tesla Shows Patents Are a Necessity, Not a Luxury, for CEOs

The recent announcement by Elon Musk, the CEO of Telsa Motors, states that Tesla is making its patents freely available to anyone to use – this is great news! It could mean that other electric car companies will use Tesla’s inventions and increase the market share of electric cars in the automotive market.

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Q&A with IV China’s Yan Sheng

Whether it’s economic growth, the creation of new inventions, or investment in clean technologies, China has become a world leader. We asked IV’s country head of China, Yan Sheng, about his thoughts on how invention and innovation are changing China.

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The Future of Food and Health

The future of food and health depends on our ability to solve some of the most pressing problems we face today: increasing demands on crop yields to feed an ever-increasing population, food safety, and pollution, to highlight just three of the most talked-about issues. A global investment of time, brainpower, and collaboration is needed now to explore new processes, technologies, and inventions that will sustain food and health tomorrow. 

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WA Senators Highlight State Innovation

While our hunt for the world’s best inventors and inventions takes us around the globe, we often find some of the best ideas right in our back yard. With world-class research universities, a national laboratory, and a thriving start-up culture we are lucky to call Washington State home. We are also fortunate to be represented by members of Congress who understand the importance of innovation.

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Misleading Indicators (Part 2)

In my earlier post, Misleading Indicators, I asserted that relying on traditional economic indicators, such as GDP, may be sabotaging the development of thriving innovation economies.

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Misleading Indicators

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” That is the wisdom behind metrics like gross domestic product and other aggregate indicators that signal the health of national economies around the world. Policymakers and planners have used these numbers for decades to help them understand how to guide domestic economic growth.

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Global Consensus on IP’s Role in Advancing Science & Tech

I recently attended the Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum in Kyoto, widely considered Asia's version of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Forum aims to create a global network that will advance science and technology for the benefit of humankind, and I was privileged to speak on a panel dedicated to the role of IP rights in this equation.

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The Economics of Intellectual Property

Investment in intellectual property (IP) can be a key indicator of a company’s growth potential, but historically it has been difficult to get reliable data on the effect that intellectual property has on the wider economy. 

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Creating an Innovation Ecosystem

Yesterday, following a panel on “Innovation, Dynamism and Entrepreneurship” at the Global Economic Symposium in Germany, Intellectual Ventures’ co-founder and CTO, Edward Jung, was interviewed about what it takes to create an innovation ecosystem.

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Patents and the U.S. Economy

History has shown us that patents and intellectual property are vital to a successful economy in the U.S.

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Silicon Valley or Demand Mountain? (Part 2)

In my earlier post, Silicon Valley or Demand Mountain? (Part 1) I argued that hubs of innovation are not always borne out of some intrinsic idea or exceptional culture, but are built instead on demand: specifically, state-sponsored demand. Smart governments have backed some of the biggest and riskiest waves of innovation by guaranteeing demand not only for technical solutions themselves, but for the steps along the way.

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Silicon Valley or Demand Mountain? (Part 1)

Everyone wants to know how to build the next Silicon Valley: an innovation hub that draws talent and capital, and that creates jobs, companies, and whole new industries. Developed-country governments scramble to subsidize technology that could be the Next Big Thing. Emerging-market policymakers hope that incentives like tax breaks and free land will induce innovators to settle and prosper there. But most of these well-meaning schemes are missing an essential ingredient: demand.

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IV CEO and President Talk Shop

Interviews from both Intellectual Ventures’ CEO and President appeared within the last week on the topic of the patent market and invention economy. 

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The Patent Economy

With D.C. hotly debating what’s required for the next phase of U.S. economic growth this week, we were reminded of the excellent work of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institute earlier this year, with the publication of “Patenting Prosperity: Invention and Economic Performance in the United States and its Metropolitan Areas” by Jonathan Rothwell, José Lobo, Deborah Strumsky and Mark Muro.

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Global Invention and Innovation

Earlier this month, we released the results of a survey that measured the American public’s perception of inventors’ impact and noted with interest two new reports by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on inventions trends around the world.

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Innovation Inspiration

The invention marketplace relies heavily on innovation—in fact, it’s encompassed in innovation. Intellectual Ventures not only supports innovation, we participate in it and celebrate its successes.

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U.S. GDP to Include R&D and IP

As a company founded on the principal that invention is an asset class of its own, we noted with great interest that for the first time, the Bureau of Economic Analysis for the U.S. Department of Commerce will be including the value of American companies’ R&D spending and intellectual property to its calculation of gross domestic product (GDP). 

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Washington Invests in STEM

Washington State has cultivated some of the most advanced technology companies in the world, from Boeing to Microsoft. For our home state advantage to continue, investments in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education must keep pace.

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Is $29B the Point?

There is a popular number being circulated in the press right now stating that, in 2011 alone, businesses were estimated to have paid out approximately $29 billion in litigation fees for patent infringement cases. This estimate is based on findings from James Bessen and Michael J. Meurer’s “The Direct Costs from NPE Disputes” study last year.   

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Global IP Updates

Intellectual Ventures is a global business, so it's important for us to keep an eye on key developments around the world.

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The Next Age of Invention

"Invention” is a loaded word. It recalls the historical concept of the lone genius perfecting an idea in the basement. And it’s true that isolated efforts gave us many of the great innovations of the late 19th and early 20th centuries: cars, television, antibiotics, the first CPU and open‐heart surgery, to name just a few.

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