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International Governments Prioritize IP Development

Intellectual property development and protection is a global enterprise, and more and more countries are viewing IP as a critical asset to their economies. Global buy-in on the importance of IP is moving governments to incentivize inventors to find cutting-edge solutions to today’s most pressing challenges.

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The Economics of Intellectual Property

Investment in intellectual property (IP) can be a key indicator of a company’s growth potential, but historically it has been difficult to get reliable data on the effect that intellectual property has on the wider economy. 

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Invention Capital at Work: Raisio

Today we rolled out a new case study and video highlighting our work with Raisio, the largest grain processor in Finland and one of Europe's leading food companies. We first announced our collaboration with Raisio back in April of this year. 

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Green Fields

This week, Intellectual Ventures (IV) and one of Europe’s leading food-production companies announced the establishment of a jointly-owned company in Finland, called Benemilk Oy. In the new venture, our Invention Development Fund will partner with Raisio to develop and market new inventions and technologies that make milk production safer, more efficient and more environmentally responsible. I’m excited about the opportunity to team our expertise and 4,000-strong inventor network with a partner who can help us advance agricultural practices and address the global problem of ensuring food sufficiency.

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Global IP Updates

Intellectual Ventures is a global business, so it's important for us to keep an eye on key developments around the world.

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IPBC Recap: The business case for IP

I sat on a panel about IP transaction trends in Europe at the recent IP Business Congress (IPBC 2012). In the subsequent Q&A session, I was asked about the need for more IP awareness education in the C-suite. As patents increasingly become top-of-mind for business executives, how can we ensure that these issues are clearly understood by non-IP stakeholders?

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IV at the 2012 Intellectual Property Business Congress

It’s that time of year again. The end of June marks IV’s annual pilgrimage to the IP Business Congress (IPBC) event hosted by IP industry magazine Intellectual Asset Management (IAM). The IPBC is the industry’s largest and most well-attended event. This year’s attendance of more than 600 IP professionals exceeds last year’s and includes more technology companies and top-level executives than ever before.

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Raymond Hegarty Joins the Team to Lead IV in Europe

Raymond Hegarty has joined IV® as vice president of global licensing for Intellectual Ventures in Europe and will be leading IV’s European expansion efforts. Raymond has an extensive background in IP licensing and technology with more than 20 years of experience leading organizations, technology transfer and commercializing intellectual property. Raymond comes to IV from IP Foundation, based in Luxembourg, where he served as CEO.

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