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Meet IV: Kelly Roche

Patent licensing—from initial conversations with a customer to actually closing a deal—can be an immensely complex, delicate and lengthy process.

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Game-Changing Times in the Transportation Industry

It’s an important time in the transportation industry as the consumer depends on technology to stay connected with their professional and social networks. This dependency is driving consumer electronics, connectivity, and information technologies rapidly to converge in automotive and other transportation industries. Automotive companies are finding the need to maintain access to a wide array of relevant patents, not traditionally available in the automotive space.

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Staff Spotlight: IV in Ireland

The invention marketplace is global — and so is IV. Declan Carew is one of our worldwide employees based in Ireland.

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A New Way of Building

Intellectual Ventures invests in inventions that span a wide range of technologies – communications, computer hardware, security, and more. Today we rolled out a new case study and video highlighting our investment in a different kind of technology area: building construction.

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IP Resources for the C-Suite

Are you putting intellectual property (IP) to work for your company? Those at the helm of both large and small companies recognize that safeguarding patented assets is crucial to developing and maintaining a competitive edge. In fact, 70 percent of business leaders who participated in a market research on patent attitudes study last year believe patents are good for innovation. And yet only one quarter of those decision makers feel patent savvy.

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Staff Spotlight: IV Patent Acquisitions

Intellectual Ventures (IV) has one of the largest patent portfolios in the world, which we’ve built up through our own in-house invention process, a worldwide network of inventors, and by working closely with some of the most inventive individuals, startups, and companies in the world.

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Tesla Shows Patents Are a Necessity, Not a Luxury, for CEOs

The recent announcement by Elon Musk, the CEO of Telsa Motors, states that Tesla is making its patents freely available to anyone to use – this is great news! It could mean that other electric car companies will use Tesla’s inventions and increase the market share of electric cars in the automotive market.

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Robotic VISION Technologies and Intellectual Ventures Enter into Strategic Partnership

Today we announced a partnership with Robotic Vision Technologies, the latest in a series of collaborations we have announced with innovative small or medium sized companies. All of our partners in these collaborations have at least one thing in common: the best technology in their respective industries. 

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Looking Back on 2013: The Marketplace for Invention Comes of Age

As we close the books on 2013, we look back on a remarkable year in which the modern marketplace for invention – a market we helped pioneer – really began to come into its own.   

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Patents in the Board Room

For years, Intellectual Ventures has been talking to CEOs, CFOs, and CTOs about the value of intellectual property. Contrary to what some others might suggest, we believe the issue being discussed in America’s boardrooms—in companies of all sizes and across industries—is not whether patents matter, but how they matter.    

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The Problem of Patent Infringement

As companies incorporate more and more features and capabilities into their products, assembling a patent portfolio on their own that covers them all can be challenging. More than a dozen years ago, the founders of Intellectual Ventures recognized this serious business challenge. We raised more than $5 billion from the investment community, and built a new type of business model to address it. 

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Driving Toward an Efficient Market for Invention

Since 2003, Intellectual Ventures has completed more than 1,800 acquisition deals, and today we closed one of the largest and most complex acquisitions in our history.  A consortium of 12 technology companies, organized by IV and RPX, licensed and purchased a portfolio of digital imaging patents for more than $525 million from Kodak.

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magicJack VocalTec Becomes IV’s latest customer

Today marks another milestone in a long relationship between Intellectual ventures and magicJack VocalTec. In 2008, VocalTec (prior to its merger with magicJack) sold a number of patents to an Intellectual Ventures company. Today, we’ve signed a licensing agreement and sold one of those original patents back to magicJack VocalTec.

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IV Collaborates with NVIDIA to Acquire Essential Wireless Patents

This morning we announced a partnership with NVIDIA to jointly acquire a portfolio wireless communications patents developed and owned by IPWireless, a pioneer in wireless broadband and broadcast technologies.  The portfolio of approximately 500 patent assets includes essential inventions in some of the most vital technology areas in today’s wireless market.

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News You Can Use

It’s only two weeks into 2012, and already the new year has delivered a slew of game-changing technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas. We wanted to share a brief recap of the latest trends from CES, along with other news which has grabbed our attention so far this year:

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IV Signs LG Electronics as Latest Customer

This morning we announced that LG Electronics is our newest licensing customer, joining a growing list of licensees that includes some of the largest mobile handset manufacturers – HTC, RIM, Samsung, Pantech – and now LG. Today’s deal provides LG with a license to segments of IV’s extensive patent portfolio, which includes more than 35,000 assets in more than 50 technology sectors.

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IV’s Global Inventor Network Generates 10,000th Invention

For the past three years, Intellectual Ventures has been inventing collaboratively with our global network of more than 400 leading universities and research institutions, and some 3,000 individual inventors through our Invention Development Fund (IDF). Together with this global invention network we work to develop new invention ideas and find solutions to important problems through technology. Our customers can access this network to help them address issues that are critical to their business today, or to get access to valuable groups of future invention rights. 

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Nathan Myhrvold on Google, Nortel, and the Value of Patents

Yesterday, Intellectual Ventures CEO Nathan Myhrvold contributed a guest Bloomberg View column on the events of the recent Nortel patent auction, part of a monthly Bloomberg series from Nathan addressing business and technology issues.

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Observations on the Nortel Patent Auction

As the world just learned, a consortium of rival technology companies, including Apple, Microsoft, RIM, Sony, Ericsson and EMC, outbid Google and its partners in a $4.5 billion mega-purchase for the rights to a patent portfolio from Nortel Networks. By all accounts this is an unprecedented event, in terms of size (~6,000 patents), dollar value (~$750,000 per protected idea) and its potential impact on the mobile computing industry.

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IV by the Numbers

If you make mobile phones, stuffed animals or kitchen utensils, the world can easily imagine what it is your company does. It’s harder for people to imagine what our business looks like. We’re in the business of ideas and inventions, and it’s not that easy to hold an idea in your hand, though the value of an idea can be tremendously more than a new toy or gadget. The good news is, stats and milestones help. And when our executives give presentations about our business or our business model, it’s clear the numbers – and proof points – are what interest people the most.

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IV Welcomes Another Licensing Customer

This morning we added another major tech company to our roster of licensing customers. Micron Technology, Inc. is one of the world’s leading inventors and producers of memory and semiconductor technologies, and it’s also the last remaining US-based manufacturer of DRAM (a type of memory for computers, video games and all sorts of electronic devices).

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Izhar Armony Tells TechCrunchTV Why He Believes in Patents and IV

One of Intellectual Ventures’ investors, Izhar Armony of Charles River Ventures, appeared on TechCrunchTV’s “Ask a VC” program this week and answered questions from TechCrunch readers about a variety of VC-related topics.

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Google’s Bid for Nortel Portfolio Demonstrates Value of IP

This week Google Inc. made a well-publicized bid of $900 million for the patent portfolio of Nortel Networks Corp., once Canada’s largest company by market capitalization. Many people have contacted us to see what our take is on this historic bid. 

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IV Signs Another Customer in the Mobile Telecoms Industry

In the past few years, as the smartphone industry has surged and new operating systems have begun competing with the established market players, the industry has seen an increase in litigation commonly referred to in the press as “smartphone wars.” Why has this happened? The reality is that as devices get more and more complex and contain even more features, no single company can own all the patents relevant to technology within an average mobile device. In fact, it’s been estimated that the average smartphone contains thousands of patents relating to software, hardware, messaging, connectivity and more.

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Working with Inventors

At IV we work with inventors and inventive companies in a variety of ways, including buying IP assets from them. Many times we buy valuable assets when a company believes that a reputable and experienced IP company like IV will be best suited to monetize them. The cash infusion from selling us those assets allows those companies to continue developing and marketing their core products.

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Monetizing Patent Portfolios

A few weeks ago Edward Jung, IV’s founder and CTO, blogged about creating an invention ecosystem. IV contributes to that ecosystem in a variety of ways. One of the less known ways is to benefit companies by using financial instruments to allow them to monetize their patent portfolios. This allows those companies to provide value to their shareholders while funding future innovation. We have a team here at IV who does exactly this.

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