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News You Can Use: The Value of Patents for Entrepreneurs and Academic Institutions

University spinouts and start-up companies that recognize the importance of capitalizing on intellectual property can be incredibly successful ventures. In this week’s News You Can Use, we’re highlighting stories about the value patents bring to both entrepreneurs and academic institutions.

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News You Can Use: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In this week’s News You Can Use, we’re highlighting interesting stories about the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation. Learn why millennials are prioritizing entrepreneurship more than previous generations, why patents are an untapped asset for startups, and how the UK hopes to encourage more collaboration between product manufacturers and innovators.

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Inventions to Start-Ups: Coffee Flour is off to the Races

Today marks the launch of a new company that demonstrates the role invention plays in transforming even the most established industries. Based on patents developed and owned by Intellectual Ventures, CF Global Holdings, Inc. will produce and sell Coffee Flour™ – a new, sustainable food ingredient derived from coffee cherries.

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Young Entrepreneurs Follow Their Dream Career from Malaysia to Silicon Valley

New ideas are only as promising as the people who are willing to explore them, test them, build them, and share them. In October 2013, 540 young entrepreneurs from over 100 countries dedicated 36 hours to exploring ideas at the Global Startup Youth (GSY) competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their goal: invent a mobile app solution for pressing problems in education, environment, health, and women’s empowerment.

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More than Meets the Eye

Intellectual Ventures’ Metamaterials Commercialization Center (MCC) focuses on exploring and accelerating the commercialization of metamaterials technologies. For those of us who forgot to take post-graduate physics, metamaterials are synthetic materials that have properties that would be impossible in nature. Metamaterials can manipulate incoming electro-magnetic radiation, such as light or radio waves, to redirect it in a variety of potentially useful ways.

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Expert Insights: “Patents as an Asset”

In the third post of our “Expert Insights” series, we asked for a first-hand account of how the market for intellectual property (IP) has evolved from Michael Dansky, the Executive Director of Capstone Advisory Group.  

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Expert Insights: “The Product Will Come”

In this week’s Expert Insights post, we interviewed Sean O’Connor, a Professor of Law at the University of Washington School of Law here in Seattle, for his take on the role patent licensing plays in the development of today’s highly complex consumer technologies.  

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Are Patents Crushing Entrepreneurs? Another Myth Busted.

The latest charge from critics in Silicon Valley and Washington is that patents and patent lawsuits are stifling startups and technology innovation. It’s an important issue, to be sure. Technology entrepreneurs and garage-shop inventors have been crucial to economic growth throughout American history. And it is true that patent litigation has increased over the past several decades. Is this draining dynamism and competition?

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Nest: A Startup Leader in Strategic IP

Patents are crucial for businesses of all types and sizes, from startups to major corporations. Many small companies and their founding entrepreneurs recognize both the importance and necessity of having a patent strategy, but oftentimes they lack the resources to adequately protect themselves, or to support future product development. For many, it is also a race to build up a patent portfolio ahead of their competition. It can take years to build a patent portfolio to protect one’s business.

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