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News You Can Use: Energized

On this installment of News You Can Use, we’re highlighting some of the most amazing new energy-related news from the past month. From the farthest reaches of the universe to the everyday household lamp, these breakthroughs illustrate how science continues to not only dazzle us but how it is working to improve our everyday lives.

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Sustainable Invention

The world’s population is growing by roughly 200,000 people every day, in the midst of a massive global migration underway from the countryside to cities. With this much pressure on our food, water, and energy resources, Earth Day marks another important reminder of the massive investments in invention needed to make entire economies more sustainable.  

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Nathan Myhrvold Urges Risk-Taking at 2012 Social Innovation Fast Pitch (VIDEO)

Nathan Myhrvold, CEO and co-founder of IV, recently delivered the keynote address at the 2012 Social Innovation Fast Pitch in Seattle. Created by Social Venture Partners, the Social Innovation Fast Pitch offers coaching, mentoring and workshops for local innovators to hone their ideas, culminating in a series of competitive rounds that provide recognition and awards for the winners.

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IV Speaks: Fall 2012

Interested in hearing more from IV this fall? IV’s founders, executives, and employees at every level regularly speak at public events and seminars. Here’s a snapshot of upcoming opportunities:  

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Catch Up on Your IV Reading

With a company as complex as ours, it’s not a surprise when we see news stories about the launch of our new spin-out company Kymeta, the successful conclusion of our litigation program in the memory industry and an op-ed by our CEO Nathan Myhrvold about funding innovation to solve the world’s biggest challenges – all within one month! If you’re behind on your IV news and looking to catch up on what we’ve been doing, check out the articles below and get up to speed.

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TerraPower joins other big ideas in “Abundance”

From growing algae-based petroleum that eats carbon dioxide, to a “smart” energy grid that manages electricity consumption and storage as efficiently as possible, there’s no shortage of big ideas to tackle the growing global energy crisis. Dr. Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler touch on these solutions and more in their new book, “Abundance: Why The Future Will Be Much Better Than You Think.” 

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IV in the News – A New Year, a New Era of Invention

As 2011 comes to a close and news outlets draw up their inevitable year-end lists, one 2011 factoid caught our eye. “iPhone” was the most popular search term of 2011, marking the first time in 10 years that a piece of technology has topped that list. And so it’s fitting that we also end the year for IV Insights on the theme of invention, with some of IV’s recent press highlights:

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Nathan Myhrvold Sits Down with Slate Magazine

As part of its “Conversations with Slate” series, Slate Magazine recently posted excerpts from an interview with IV CEO Nathan Myhrvold. Nathan and host Jacob Weisberg touch on topics ranging from the role of the U.S. in 21st century innovation, to this year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster and even the dual nature of food as both sustenance and art:

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IV In the News – TerraPower and the Value of Ideas

With the recent passage of the America Invents Act and several new customer announcements, the last month has been a busy one at IV, and we’ve talked a lot about patents here on Insights. But IV has also made headlines in the scientific community, and we wanted to share some of our recent highlights:

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News You Can Use

This summer has been a busy one in the patent industry, with news of auctions and acquisitions grabbing headlines on a seemingly daily basis. As a company in the business of invention, we’ve also been paying close attention to the latest news from the scientific community, and we wanted to share some of this month’s highlights, including a piece from our own CEO.

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TerraPower Gains Insight from India Trip

Executives from TerraPower recently returned from India where the team continued ongoing meetings with energy experts and investors to listen, learn and discuss options for advanced nuclear concepts.

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TerraPower Engineers visit with OSU Students & Faculty

In early March, TerraPower engineers Josh Walter and Chal Davidson visited  with faculty, students and research staff at Oregon State University, Department of Nuclear Engineering in Corvallis, OR.  Watch as Josh and Chal explain TerraPower’s intention to design a Traveling Wave Reactor (TWR) that would improve upon the current generation of nuclear plants, field audience questions and discuss ideas behind TWRs and the implications of a TWR fleet. 

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Our perspective on events in Japan

Our work brings us into close collaboration with some of the foremost experts in the nuclear energy arena. At TerraPower, we are working to advance future designs, therefore we’re not directly involved in the current situation in Japan. We are, however, getting first-hand accounts about how the global nuclear industry is working together to resolve the situation. Because of the natural disaster and fast-changing circumstances at the plants, we won’t speculate on problems encountered at the facilities. However, in response to inquiries concerning TerraPower’s technology, the traveling wave technology is unlike any design built today. Visit the TerraPower post about the situation in Japan to learn more.

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