Passive Vaccine Storage Device

Passive Vaccine Storage Device

Passive Vaccine Storage Device

Strengthening and extending vaccine service over the last mile

Immunizations have become one of the greatest success stories in modern medicine, yet roughly 1.5 million children still die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases. This is due in part to the sensitive nature of vaccines themselves, which spoil if they’re not kept at precise temperatures from manufacture to use.
Immunizations rates are lowest in rural areas, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, where poor infrastructure and unreliable power make reliable, life-saving vaccines hard to come by. Working with IV’s Global Good program, scientists and engineers at IV Lab set out to address this challenge by inventing and developing a passive vaccine storage device that can keep vaccines cold with no need for external energy.

Arktek™, our latest passive vaccine storage device, employs super insulation techniques similar to those used to store cryogenic fluids and protect spacecraft from extreme temperatures. Once stocked with ice, Arktek can keep vaccines at the appropriate temperature for a month or more.

Our commercial partner, AUCMA, is moving Arktek beyond manufacturing and into distribution in the communities with the lowest rates of vaccination. Based in China, AUCMA is the country’s largest refrigeration manufacturer and is a critical collaborator in our efforts to get a passive vaccine storage device to those who need it most.

For a look at the device in the field and an explanation of what this invention is doing to combat disease in developing countires, watch the video.

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  • Profile of the Arktek passive vaccine storage device
  • Top down view of the Arktek
  • Arktek vaccine stacks
  • Overall view of an earlier model passive vaccine storage device

Awards & Recognition

2014 R&D 100

Recognizing the 100 most technologically significant products into the marketplace

2014 ViE Award

Best technological development

Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design

2014 Good Design® Award in the Humanitarian category