Disease Modeling

Disease Modeling

Disease Modeling

Before you can eradicate a disease, you have to understand it

Despite decades of effort to eliminate diseases such as malaria and polio, complex variables like climate, geography and social behavior have thwarted eradication campaigns in many parts of the world. Our limited understanding of these variables, their relationship to one another and how they will respond to eradication techniques has slowed efforts to combat curable diseases. Thanks to the power of modern computing, we now have new tools to address this.

Intellectual Ventures is developing new computer models that calculate not only how diseases spread in a particular part of the world, but also how they will respond to deliberate suppression efforts. By consolidating aspects of disease dynamics, these models can make specific projections about which combination of eradication measures will have the greatest likelihood of success in a region given the particular geography, climate, season, and environmental and social conditions. IV’s models benefit from a team of professional software developers working to ensure that the mathematical and scientific modeling insights are translated into extensible, usable and flexible software to empower the public health community.

The Institute for Disease Modeling (IDM) team at IV Lab is working with global health experts and the academic community to refine its software. For more information on IV’s disease modeling work, visit the Institue for Disease Modeling website.

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