Metamaterials Commercialization Center

Metamaterials Commercialization Center

Metamaterials Commercialization Center

More than meets the eye.

For more than a decade, IV has explored the potential of metamaterials—a classof synthetic materials engineered to have properties not found in nature. For example, metamaterials can manipulate incoming electro-magnetic radiation such as light or radio waves to redirect it in a variety of potentially useful ways. While IV has researched exotic applications of metamaterials like cloaking devices that could make an object invisible, our current focus is on more practical applications of the technology:

  • Radar
  • Imaging
  • Communications
  • Acoustics

Collaborating with Metamaterials Pioneers

IV's intellectual property portfolio in metamaterials and related technology has evolved through close cooperation with pioneers in the field. As a result, three companies have spun out from IV, each focused on applications of metamaterials-based technology: Kymeta, Evolv, and Echodyne.

IV has not just brought value to the process of developing better and more useful intellectual property in the realm of metamaterials, but has also worked diligently to help develop the actual technology. As it stands, IV has the largest internal industrial program that I know of dedicated to advancing metamaterials technology. Their efforts in market strategy have helped to couple a great market opportunity with a great metamaterial implementation: the MSA-T antenna is probably the leading example of metamaterials research transitioning to a viable commercial space.

— Professor David R. Smith, Director of Duke University's Center for Metamaterials and Integrated Photonics 

With Intellectual Ventures' MSA-T, metamaterials extend their reach beyond basic science to practical applications, opening the door for high tech products to reach the market at a low cost.

— Professor Sir John Pendry, co-director of Imperial College's Centre for Plasmonics & Metamaterials