Life at IV

When you join Intellectual Ventures, you’ll quickly discover that innovation is not only part of our DNA – it’s our culture.  We invite our people to challenge the status quo, to take risks, and find their own unique path at IV. 


As a company of innovators, our culture is among our best inventions. We value agility, creativity and innovation at all levels.  We don’t just succeed despite the odds, we shift the odds.

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Leadership and Learning

Leadership is at the core of our company. Being the leader in the invention marketplace, we’re always looking for new ideas and new ways of learning in order to facilitate our growth.  Whether it is inside our company or outside, we’re committed to promoting leadership and education everywhere we go.

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Social Impact

Giving back to our communities is central to our corporate values —whether by encouraging science and technology education or contributing to clothe, feed and shelter those in need.

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