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In Case You Missed It: National Inventors Month

As National Inventors Month comes to a close, we look back on a few of our top posts honoring inventors.

Wrapping up National Inventors Month

In recognition of the end of May, National Inventors’ Month, we’re rounding up some of our favorite posts on inventors and invention.

News You Can Use: National Inventors Month Edition

We relish the opportunity during National Inventors Month to profile organizations, IV staff, and invention. Check out some of our favorite news stories from May.

Invention Continues

National Inventors Month is coming to a close, but Intellectual Ventures, along with many other organizations, will continue celebrating inventors and providing resources to support their continued innovations.

Inventors in Motion: The Director’s Cut

As a tribute to the unsung, everyday inventor heroes out there, we’re elevating them to celebrity status and premiering Movie Mondays during National Inventors Month.

A Salute to Edisons Everywhere

Edisons everywhere, we salute you! Read on for more on the celebrations that happen throughout the year to honor past and present inventors including how National Inventors Month (May) came to be.

The Next Generation of Inventors

What can we do to develop the next generation of inventors and ensure their legacy of progress and innovation continues?

Reflecting on National Inventors’ Month

IV president and COO Adriane Brown reflects on National Inventors’ Month and the power of collaboration.

Wisdom to Inspire Inventors

As National Inventors Month draws to a close, fuel your invention inspiration with words of wisdom from inventors past and present.

Invention in Motion

Celebrate National Inventors Month and the people behind inventions that move the world forward.

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