Information and news about our Singapore office

After several years of working directly from the United States with inventors and inventing organizations in Asia, we saw great demand for more hands-on collaboration with Intellectual Ventures. Many universities had only recently established their technology licensing offices (TLOs) and were searching for ways to commercialize their inventions internationally. In other cases, companies did not want to be distracted from their primary focus on the local markets, but did believe there was a larger international opportunity for their ideas. Universally, we found a great interest in collaborating on the identification of promising areas for new invention.

Intellectual Ventures launched its Asian operation in September 2007 to better meet the demand it was experiencing in the region. We currently have offices in Japan, Korea, China, Australia, and India, and a regional headquarters in Singapore. Our Asian offices have a singular focus:  invention development. Each office is currently identifying promising local inventors and working with them to come up with new inventions in key technology areas. Great inventors can be found in many places in Asia, and we are working with inventors at Asian universities, public and private research institutes, as well as small and large companies.

IV® helps Asian inventors identify valuable areas for new inventing, and when we are excited by a particular invention idea, we provide all necessary financial and administrative support to turn that idea into a patent application. Our invention development programs help bring needed capital to inventors, as well as their universities, research institutes, and companies. This capital can, in turn, be used to fund new and ongoing research or for TLO operating capital. We also offer this network of Asian inventors and institutions access to our own in-house experts in science and technology, invention valuation, as well as IP and patent law. Most importantly, our invention development programs help bring more of Asia’s inventions to the global marketplace.


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