10 Must Reads for Inventors


10 Must Reads for Inventors

March 6, 2014

Curious about invention? We sure are. And while our most informative resources are the 4,000 inventors we work with every day, we also do our fair share of reading. In the spirit of sharing, below in no particular order, are just a few of IV’s must-reads among the inventor community.

Edison Nation: People from around the world use Edison Nation to get their innovations in front of retailers and manufacturers, to store and perfect their ingenious ideas, keep up with inventive friends, and learn what it takes to create and introduce a successful product into the market.

MIT Technology Review: As the title states, MITTR focuses on all things tech. Founded by MIT in 1899, the site has a rich history of reporting on the absolute latest, and coolest, inventions in the tech space. Case in point: a recent visit featured stories on a 3-D printed heart implant, affordable batteries that store renewable energy, and a not so affordable, ultra secure phone, to name just a few.

Innovation Generation: Moderated by the U.S. Department of State and hosted on Facebook, Innovation Generation is an excellent forum for those passionate about innovation and hungry for dialogue. Its 2.5+ million fans are highly engaged and comment regularly on everything from how to get your product to stick out in a crowd to how to prevent burn out when competing to be a success.

IPWatchdog: For those interested in the many legalities of intellectual property, IPWatchdog is definitely one to bookmark. Ranked one of the top 100 legal blogs by the American Bar Association for five years running, the site provides a wealth of information on the business, policy, and substance of patents and other intellectual property.

Inventor Notes: Inventor Notes is the blog of Stephen Key, an award-winning inventor and entrepreneur who’s licensed more than 20 products in the last 30 years. Here, Stephen gives readers key how-tos, discusses current events, and educates inventors on the many things he’s learned during his lengthy career.

Live Science: Covering the cross-section of science and invention, Live Science provides articles and interactive features on a variety of science-related topics conveniently organized under categories such as tech, health, and planet earth for efficient browsing. 

Newser Inventions: Want to read less but know more? True to its tagline, Newser features top stories from around the web in a very efficient format: pertinent details are condensed into a surprisingly informative headline, picture, and two paragraphs.

Director's Forum: A blog from the USPTO: The United States Patent and Trademark Office is a complex organization and at times, can be a challenging entity to understand. The Director’s Forum provides readers with information from USPTO leadership on everything from government rulemaking to all the ins and outs of the America Invents Act.

Entrepreneur: One of the most well-known resources in the space, Entrepreneur has been reporting for more than 30 years on the top issues for small businesses and sole proprietors. The site’s rich multimedia content makes Entreprenuer.com both an enlightening and enjoyable read.

IV Insights: Sure, it’s a shameless plug, but we work hard to report on the latest issues impacting the inventor community. Interested in a topic we haven’t covered yet? Is your favorite blog, forum, or magazine missing? Shoot us an email and you may just inspire our next post. Until then though, happy reading!

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