Congratulations to IV Customers HTC and Dashwire!

August 9, 2011

In April we announced that Dashwire became a customer of IV and was able to acquire patents under IV’s IP for Defense program, which enables our customers facing patent infringement lawsuits to acquire patents for counter-assertion purposes. Dashwire was facing litigation from a competitor, Synchronoss. When Dashwire’s agreement with IV was announced, Dashwire’s founder and CEO, Ford Davidson, stated, “Working with Intellectual Ventures enabled us to gain a strategic IP partner with years of industry experience. IV has helped us establish a foundation of patent coverage so we can continue to focus on innovation and creating products that our customers love.” Dashwire and Synchronoss recently reached a settlement.

 HTC has been a licensing customer of IV’s since November 2010, in a long-term licensing agreement and strategic alliance that provides HTC with rights to IP assets in IV’s portfolio.

Congratulations, Dashwire and HTC!

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