Defining a Venturer


Defining a Venturer

October 7, 2014

Explorer. Entrepreneur. Pioneer. Disruptor. All fine synonyms to describe what we do and who we strive to be at Intellectual Ventures, but not one is an exact fit. So what does one do when the status-quo won’t suffice? What we’ve done so many times before — innovate and create anew. That’s why at IV, we refer to ourselves as “venturers.” 

What is a venturer, you ask? You can skip Merriam-Webster and the like — it won’t be listed. Instead, we’ve defined it ourselves: A person who sees opportunity and goes for it. And we think it’s a perfect match for the unique personalities at IV and the inquisitive community we join in exploring uncharted territory.

To venture is to take risks, to do things differently and, every now and again, to do something new for the very first time. We venture every day at IV — from creating a market for intellectual property and innovation to exploring new inventions that will solve global challenges. 

And we’re in good company. There’s a long history of venturers who’ve helped pave the way for ideas that are changing the world today. One of our favorite examples was 45 years ago, when Apollo 11 enabled the first man to set foot on the moon. It’s an impactful reminder of the power of invention and how big the payoff can be when you commit to trying new ways of doing things, succeed or fail.

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