Evolution of Invention: Halloween Edition


Evolution of Invention: Halloween Edition

October 29, 2015

A few weeks ago, we reminisced about the progress that technology underpinning cars, cell phones, and MP3 players has made. But the same kind of progress can be seen in some of the spectacular technology used to celebrate a modern Halloween. From fake blood, to fog machines and high-tech vampire teeth, check out the awesome evolution of Halloween technology.

From Dry Ice to Heat Exchangers: Making Fog

Since the first recorded appearance of dry ice – or frozen carbon dioxide – in 1835, people have been transfixed by its ability to go from solid to gas form. Due to its inherent simplicity, dry ice has been used to make fog for many years.

However, the quantity of dry ice required and the need to frequently replace it left the door open for technological advances. Modern fog machines use a heat exchanger to vaporize a mixture of glycol and water and create a sustained and thick opaque cloud.

Classic Hollywood Prop and Halloween Mainstay: Fake Blood

Fake blood plays a key role in cinematic and theatrical productions – and it’s something that the viewer hardly thinks about unless something about its color, viscosity or velocity is off.

Since Hitchcock and his make-up team relied on Bosco chocolate syrup for his gory scenes, imitation blood and gore has come a long way. For example check out this former NASA engineer’s beating heart costume that runs off of a cellphone app. 

Elevating the Ordinary: Retractable Fangs

Finally, check out these patents that make vast improvements on the simple mouthpiece that’s often the mainstay of a vampire costume: tooth caps and retractable fangs.

Have some other cool Halloween-related technology? Let us know at @IVInvents. 

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