Expert Insights: “A New Way of Doing Business”


Expert Insights: “A New Way of Doing Business”

November 20, 2013

In the fifth and final post of our “Expert Insights” series, we asked what value Intellectual Ventures (IV) brings to customers and the IP market at large. Each video provides a unique perspective on IV’s impact - from making deals more efficient, to setting market values to changing the lives of inventors.  

Brad Limpert, a patent attorney and patent agent based in Toronto, Canada, credits IV with creating a well-functioning marketplace to purchase and license rights from small businesses, large businesses, universities and government agencies.

Tom Major, a vice president at patent brokerage IP Offerings in Florida, explains how IV makes it easier for companies to buy the patents they need.

We also asked our own employees what impact they believe IV is making in the market, and drew from two sources in our Acquisitions team, Joe Nguyen and Guy Ellis. They work every day with the independent inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses that IV has paid over $2.3 billion to help create a market for invention where none existed before.


Expert Insights

This post is one of a five-part series of “expert insights” into the IP market from academics, consultants and IV employees. To read each of the posts in this series, see below:

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